Mid-Career Transitioners

How has 21st Century Career helped thousands of baby boomers and generation Xers transition to better opportunities?

We tailor our services to 40-60 year olds who may have been downsized, plateaued or sidelined so you can:

  • Weather the shock and confusion of changes in your career and industry by remembering your contributions.
  • Find growing careers that don’t require a large investment of time and money.
  • Rebuild your career skills and story to present a powerful narrative by rebranding yourself, rewriting your resume, LinkedIn profile and honing your job search skills.
  • Overcome any obstacles, like layoffs, employment gaps, and skill deficits
Mid-Career Transitioners

I was working three jobs to make a fraction of my former compensation. 21st Century Career identified my talents and taught me how to leverage them into a risk/compliance job.

– Isaac N.
a 50 year old commodities trader who has witnessed dramatic contraction in his industry.