Career Direction

February 20, 2017

Three Secrets to Landing a Great Job by Graduation

Since the recession of 2008, prospects for landing a job have steadily improved, especially for recent college grads. However, studies by the Department of Labor and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY indicate that all is not rosy in the new college grad job market. About 44% of recent college grads are underemployed, which includes working at jobs that don’t require a college degree. So, simply landing any old job is not the issue.   The […]
January 8, 2017

Robust Hiring for Older Workers

1/7/17 Is it time to change your career or job? It depends. In these divisive political times, there is a polarization of views on the economic health of the nation. Perceptions range from projected growth and hiring to stagnation and job loss. The truth is that for educated professionals, the 2017 outlook of 2.3-2.6% annual growth is nearly double what it was for 2016. With the unemployment rate at 4.7%, the lowest rate since before […]
September 14, 2016

Feeling Confused About Your Career Direction?

If you are, it’s not surprising. With the rapid changes and upheavals in technology, globalization, demographics, health, and the economy, new careers are constantly cropping up, while others are contracting. This wild west of 21st century careers presents opportunities and challenges to designing and thriving in a career path.This reality applies to you whether you’re in transition, currently employed or own your business or practice. No segment of the workforce is exempt: middle managers, Millennials, […]