June 4, 2013

What Do We Mean By Flextime

Many women with school-aged children have complained about the difficulty of finding flexible and interesting work. I decided to see just what they were facing. And the answer is…it depends. Flextime includes part-time, compressed work week, telecommuting, break arrangements, shift flexibility, job sharing, part-year work or alternate or flex schedules. A less prevalent form is the automatic phase-back program that allows new moms to transition back to work on a temporary part-time schedule.
June 3, 2013

NJ Job Market Improving

In New Jersey, want ads for managers and professionals are up about 5% over the past year (based on the month ending mid-May). That’s not overwhelming but it is a good sign of steadily rising job demand. The job growth is spread across all occupations, with a few hotspots such as public relations, property and construction managers,  and meeting and event planners. What this means is that although job openings seem few and far between, […]