Judy Scherer

As a professional who has changed careers three times and jobs several times over, Judy Scherer knows what it’s like to ride the high of a good career—in city planning and bank marketing, only to plummet to discouragement by a poor job match.

  • She figured out her path and merged her counseling and economic analysis skills and Masters in both fields
  • She has lived her passion for more than 15 years, helping people launch satisfying careers and excel at their jobs in growing industries.

Career & Job Success

With our revolutionary career and job growth system, we guide your journey to career success. We assess your situation and goals to customize solutions to:

  • Expand your perspective on your potential contributions.
  • Increase your flexibility to consider new and growing careers.
  • Engage resourcefulness to explore three out of ten great options.
  • Cultivate serendipity to take advantage of “lucky breaks”.
  • Design a strategic job search: rebrand yourself and develop a compelling resume and social media profiles.
  • Enhance your performance: improve your job skills.

Our Vision

We aspire to have all our clients experience increased confidence, targeted career alternatives, excellent job offers and superior work performance.

Our Purpose

To make sure you are satisfied and successful in your new job or career by aligning our advice with your personal values, skills, resources, challenges, stage of life and growing sectors of the economy.

Next Steps

To experience what a difference 21st Century Career can make for you, contact Judy for your complimentary Discovery Session and Four Keys to Career Success.