Occupations of the Future You Wouldn’t Believe

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In the past I have defined emerging and evolving occupations as the new opportunities of which you may not be aware.  This is THE REAL HIDDEN JOB MARKET, where job titles and descriptions for the same tasks can vary widely.

Of the titles listed below, see if you can guess whether the job is real.  I’ll publish the results in the next blog.

  • Head Fracker: the boss of a crew drilling and injecting fluid into the ground to fracture shale  and release gas and petroleum
  • Program Manager for Digital Inclusion: helps end users take advantage of online and mobile platforms
  • Director of Social Cohesion: community outreach and cooperation with local communities
  • Chief Listener: tracks mentions of companies and their brands in social media, etc.
  • Specialist Master: uses big data to answer business questions

These five are just a fraction of the new titles proliferating on job boards and in companies.