June 26, 2014

Occupations of the Future You Wouldn’t Believe

In the past I have defined emerging and evolving occupations as the new opportunities of which you may not be aware.  This is THE REAL HIDDEN JOB MARKET, where job titles and descriptions for the same tasks can vary widely. Of the titles listed below, see if you can guess whether the job is real.  I’ll publish the results in the next blog.
June 23, 2014

Why You and Your College-Age Kids Speak Different Job Languages

Do you ever think that you and your college-age kids or recent grads are speaking different languages when it comes to looking for jobs and work? You talk about resumes, contacts and careers, while they simply seem to be fiddling around on the Internet and chatting on Facebook. But rather than thinking about your kids as goof-offs, consider the possibility that there are sound economic reasons why you and they go about looking for jobs […]